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I don't have dreams. I have goals.
- Harvey Specter

📜 About Me

Hi! I'm Shubhranil Dutta, founder of Atlas Inc. Nice to meet you!

Before you take the tour, let me just tell you some lesser known facts about me. I'm in awe with Java and right now, I'm in love with Angular. I'm also very enthusiastic in participating in any kind of tech related discussions.

One crazy thing about me? I love Post Rock Instrumentals! I've also got a Spotify playlist for you to check out.

If all that sounds interesting, then let's have a conversation!

👩🏽‍🚀 Projects

●   Atlas Orion (07/2021): A two-in-one platform which showcases two major features. One is Atlas-Kanban which keeps track of all your tasks separated by boards. The other is Atlas-SSR which generates a server-side rendered about page for you. Check out the github repo.

●   Cloakspace (06/2020): An anonymous platform for everyone to share their thoughts freely without the fear of being monitored by the prying eyes of social media. Check out the github repo.

●   Atlas Gameshop (05/2020): An e-commerce gameshop built with Angular 9 and Firebase. Check out the github repo.

●   Atlas Task-Manager (04/2020): A RESTful API for creating, reading and managing tasks and their respective users. Check out the github repo.

Need to know more? Check out my Resume.

Your life is ruled by Recursion. The only difference is you can't backtrack.   - Shubhranil Dutta

📍 Work History


(Jan, 2022 - present)

▪️   Soon to be updated..

Tata Consultancy Services

(Aug, 2020 - Jan, 2022)

▪️   Efficiently rendered large lists in Angular by implementing virtual scrolling and progressive rendering strategies, thereby reducing render time by 60% and improving user experience.

▪️   Designing and developing various components using Angular best practices, which would then be converted to custom Lightning Web Components (LWC).

▪️   Restructuring previously developed code to ensure they are modularized and easily maintainable.

▪️   Designed and developed UI layouts and various frontend components as per customer requirements.

▪️   Involved in performing Unit Testing and supporting the testing team, efficiently analyzing and fixing production defects raised.

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